It is with a heavy heart that we announce the removal of Pixifly from the iOS App Store. For 3 years we have worked on creating a beautiful platform that has helped showcase artistic perspectives from around the world. This recent decision has been brought about by Instagram’s change in Terms of Service for it’s API; which banned all third party-media views that did not showcase advertisements. For the past week and half we have done our absolute best at fighting for our users and showing how valuable this tool is to so many, but Instagram has chosen to reject us anyway.

We wanted to thank everyone who helped get us this far, and say that we are extremely grateful for the years of loyal support. It is without a doubt, that Pixifly was the inspiration for Instagram creating a “Search” feature, and it is without a doubt that it wouldn’t have been created if it weren’t for the mass amounts of users using Pixifly on a daily basis.

Thanks again for the support,

Team Pixifly